Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'll admit it. I've used on-line cliff notes in the past. And why not, it' s a tremondous time-saver and substitute for actually reading a book. I can't remember a time when I took a test/quiz after reading the cliffnotes of a book and recieved a grade lower than a "B."

Put that's not the point....

It's clear to any individual that information is around us in all different forms (internet, books, television, advertisements, posters, newspapers, etc.). What may not be so clear is that for almost every peice of information out there, there is a condensed version as well. Whether it be cliff notes, shorter versions of commercials or using TV to fastfoward through the commercials, users are able to sift through all the information they don't need (or don't want) with the utmost ease. Sometimes, it is actually easier to locate a shortcut than the original version.

I am not trying to take a stance and argue either for or against using the "cliffnotes of life," I'm merely making an observation that they exist.