Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have never been more angry with a teacher's test than I was with my final exam in CLAS-C 101 today. I have been to every class and attended every discussion, which (one would think) would help one in preparing for the final....nope, not in the class.

Instead, the teacher decides to pull the most obscure questions from readings assigned at the end of the semester that she did not cover in class. Oh I did the readings, however, because the material was neither covered in class, nor posted on the outlines on the course website, I deemed them as background material. My teacher thought differently though, and opted to inculde multiple questions, asking for specific details that did not pop up at any time in class.

Now I'm all for teacher's throwing curve balls and keeping the students on their toes, however, when I hear multiple students say aloud during the exam "What the fuck?", it might be time for the teacher to reevaluate her test-writing style. After all, she had not graded anything in the course, my grade (which was an A) was the result of the TA's grading--so I was accustomed to different sorts of questions being asked.

I am infact so angry about this that I plan on writing a letter to the department voicing my opinion and asking for either [a] them to ask the instructor to alter her teaching style (the lectures were terribly unorganized) or [b] not emlpoy her next semester.

Needless to say, I am fuming at the idea of loosing an A because I bombed a poorly written test in a poorly written class.


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