Thursday, May 04, 2006

So I haven't slept since the last time I blogged...I've been up for almost 30 hours now. Which is nice. On the plus side though, I do feel like I'm going to ace my test in about an hour and half. I also feel like I did well on the essays assigned for this T 101 class. I haven't figured out the clue yet, but hopefully I'll have enough time to do that after my cat nap.

This might be the last time I blog before these are reviewed for grades, so I just wanted to say it was interesting doing this and although I didn't understand a lot of Thom's teaching style while I was in his class, looking back I can appreciate it a little more. It was unique and, in hindsight, I enjoyed the class. (Now hopefully my grade reflects it.)

I'm not sure if anyone besides me ever looked at this blog, but if you did I hope you enjoyed my daily bitchings. That's pretty much all my posts were, but that's ok. I saw this as a medium to vent. I'm really a pretty uppity guy, and I think you would like hanging out with me.

Well I'm starting to doze off again, so I better get another cup of coffee and keep studying for this bad boy...


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